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UPDATE: Following Hurricane Irma, we still find ourselves in a clean-up and recovery phase. Although most of our structures were virtually untouched by the winds we were without power, and left with a significant amount of clean up. After a week spent preparing and nearly a month now of removing debris combined with regular maintenance and production we have decided to cancel our fall festival this year.

Without power for 6 days we lost many of the young starts for the fall season and feel that we need to focus our efforts on further clean-up, construction of fencing and propagation efforts. The hustle and bustle of spring will not allow us the time to focus on these tasks so we're hoping to accomplish them during fall and winter.

We're open for business and have more material than most garden centers available. We simply want to enter our spring season with a bounty of beautiful plants and our minds and bodies relaxed and restored. So, come see us, you won't have to fight a crowd. We're open Thursday thru Saturday from 10-4. We will be in Mt. Dora for the Mt. Dora Plant and Garden Fair the weekend of November 11th and 12th. We hope you are all well and look forward to seeing you soon.

Seminole Springs Antique Rose & Herb Farm
34935 W. Huff Rd. Eustis, FL 32736
(352) 357-2643